Base Doll: Ashton Drake Galleries Blythe
with Takrara EBL eyemech parts and Body


Work Done:
+Carving of the whole face- cheeks, chin, brow area, and of course the usual lips, philtrum and nose. Original ears removed. 
+3D printed magnetic ears, 3D model made by my husband based on my design. I then sand, prime, paint and blush them. 2 piercings on one ear.
+Face-up, eyelids, and body art and blushing done using genuine gold leaf, high quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Back-plate signed. Sealed w/ MSC uv-cut matte. Semi-gloss finish.
+4 new sets of eyechips (2 puppelina glass eyechips, 1 kdollsKRD, 1 Ixtee)
+Gaze altered
+I've altered the posts inside the head that holds the eyemech, one side was further back, so I carved it and filled it with epoxy to make the eyemech closer to the front of the face.
+Takara EBL eyeballs, rod, and white arc. the Eyeballs have been sanded and glossed.
+New brown eyelashes
+New beaded pull strings and charms, with sleepy eyes.

+Takara EBL Body, modified the neck to fit.


Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not buy expecting a 100% perfect item.
+Some signs of use at the back of the knees, it was the only body I had that was a good color match.
+I have processed the photos to look as accurate to real life as I could on my laptop, which is supposed to be color accurate. Photos may show differently based on monitor settings on different devices- such as being too saturated on a smart phone.
+she will come with outfit shown by RVSandM


From a non-smoking, pet-friendly home.

Domestic: Priority, tracked and insured for $500. Free Shipping
International: Express, tracked and insured for marked value. Lowest I will write is $200. Costs (discounted): Canada- $35, Everywhere Else- $55.


  • While I would prefer to sell her in one payment, I am open to a short payment plan if she doesn't sell right away. 1-2 months with 50/50 payments- 50% payment right away, and the other half 1 month later.


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