Meet Cumulus, a fluffy white cloud in a clear blue sky



Base Doll: Simply Peppermint (RBL, snow skin)


Work Done:
+Extensive carving of lips, philtrum, and nose area. Teeth and tongue added.
+Face-up, eyelids, and body art and blushing done using high quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Back-plate signed. Sealed w/ MSC uv-cut matte. Semi-gloss finish
+1 resin iris built directly into the eyeball plus 3 sets of eyechips (1 puppelina glass eyechips, 1 dragonmels resin glitter, 1 kdollsKRD)
+Gaze altered
+New white eyelashes
+New beaded pull strings and charms, with sleepy eyes
+Obitsu 24cm body, with smaller Pure Neemo feet. Neck stabilized (it can still pose but is less floppy).


+Hair rerooted on an authentic RBL scalp from Angelica Eve (tone is slightly different), scalp has been painted white and rooted with matte synthetic yaki hair, then permed and cut. The fiber holds the perm very well. the hair can be scrunched and pulled to change the shape.


Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not buy expecting a 100% perfect item. These are the flaws I have noticed (see photos): scalp gap (covered by hair), small scratch on eyelid surface (only seen at a specific angle), small brown spot on eyeball (factory flaw, it's imbedded in the plastic)
+I have processed the photos to look as accurate to real life as I could on my laptop, which is supposed to be color accurate. Photos may show differently based on monitor settings on different devices- such as being too saturated on a smart phone.
+She will come with items shown: mesh short bloomers and stockings by JiaJiaDoll, blue knit sweater, wooden stand. Not shown: extra Obitsu hands and a bonus outfit. 


From a non-smoking, pet-friendly home.

Domestic: Priority, tracked and insured for $500. Free Shipping
International: Express, tracked and insured for marked value. Lowest I will write is $250. Costs (discounted): Canada- $35, Everywhere Else- $55.


  • While I would prefer to sell her in one payment, I am open to a short payment plan if she doesn't sell right away.

    + 2 Payments:50% payment right away, and the other half 1 month later.

    + 3 payments: first 30% payment right away, next 2 payments each 30 days apart.

  • Payment must be by Credit Card, Paypal balance, or other instant direct payment. No E-Checks! The store will not register that the item has sold when an E-check payment has been made.


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