Meet Gilda!



*Screws will be placed in before shipping. You can choose keeping the body stock, or I can replace the arms with tan Licca arms*


Base Doll: Asha Alvira (RBL+, Tan skin)

Work Done:
+Extensive carving of lip, philtrum, and nose area. Inside of faceplace reinforced with resin 
+Face-up and eyelids done using high quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Back-plate signed. Sealed with layers of MSC UV-cut matte, and UV-cut gloss finish
+4 new sets of eyechips (1 sculpted and resin filled, 2 puppelina glass eyechips, 1 kdollsKRD)
+Gaze altered
+New eyelashes
+New beaded pull-string and charm (no sleepy eyes)
+Hair boil-permed into an afro and cut. **do not wash or brush the hair, only scrunch and pull to style**
Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not buy expecting a 100% perfect item. 
Asha had a lot of glue on the scalp, making it difficult to open cleanly. There is some scalp gap, especially at the back, but this is covered by the hair. I can glue the larger part of the gap down if you would like, I just left it unglued to be accessible for future head opening.

One of the bottom screws was stripped, getting it out caused some damage to the area (I sanded it, but there is still some evidence left)

The next eyechips show a little from cutting the T-bar, but I don't view this as a real flaw. If I cut the T-bar less, at least 1 set of eyes would not look up high enough. You can touch the eyes down for photos.
+Photos are unedited cell phone pictures, taken on a cloudy day.
+She will come with items: black polka dot dress, shoes, and some extras.


From a smoke-free, pet-friendly home.



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