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[EDIT: both slots now sold]


*Do not purchase without first reading the terms*


If everything goes well and I am able to complete the dolls in a timely manner, I may open additional slots for July.



This listing is for a Face-up (including eyelids) and Carving commission for the month of June. 

I can do open lips with teeth, and piercings. Any subtle expression is ok, just no big toothy smiles.

I can give a spa treatment and hair cuts to the stock hair. 

I can remove stock eyechips, but I will not provide custom eyechips.
I can provide new pull strings and eyelashes.

(Basically like my DIY customs)


NO custom body, skin color change, big ears, glossed eyeballs, pullcarms, or wig.




+If you have bought a custom Blythe directly from me in the last year (since June 2017), please do not purchase this listing, it wil be canceled. If you bought a doll from me before that time, you are free to buy this comission slot.


+Base doll must be a stock or lightly customized Authentic Takara Neo. I'm willing to work on any face mould. There are a few specific releases I would rather avoid, so please contact to confirm if the base doll you want to use is OK.  

If you want to send a doll you currently own to me - you must provide proof of shipment within 7 days, or else you forfeit your commission. For international it should be sent Express to avoid delays. Please do not send a doll of any sentimental value!

If you don't have a stock doll to send, or know you will be unable to meet the shipping deadline in advance, for an additional cost I can buy one on your behalf, or I can use one from my stash (but the choices there are very limited).


+I need a degree of creative freedom, and I cannot guarantee exact results, often they don't turn out exactly how I first envisioned them either. I like mood boards/inspiration collages, color schemes, and hearing what things you like and dislike in general, and a few of my previous dolls that are your favorite for reference. 

I rarely have hesitation to wipe a doll that I am unsatisfied with. If it happens that I am happy with the result but you don't like it, I can sell the doll in my shop and I will then refund you the full amount you paid.


+Communication- beyond the initial brain-storming session, I'm pretty quiet. I will give updates when I've made some significant progress. You can expect an update from me when I've started the carving, when I've completed or nearly completed the carving (photo), when I've started the faceup, and when I've finished it (photo), and when she is ready to ship and when I've shipped.


+Shipping: The return shipping cost and policy is that same as for the dolls I sell regularly, for Domestic shipping the cost is included with the sale, I will send Priority mail with $500 included insurance. For international, the cost is $35-55 depending on location, I will send EMS, and the lowest value I will mark is around $200. 


+Time frame: If everything is perfect I can complete this kind of custom in about 2 weeks once I start, but it's not unusual for me to take 4-6 weeks to finish a doll, so over-estimate just to be safe.










June Blythe Comission - Faceup and Carving