Meet Laurel!


Base Doll: Unknown EBL (standard skin)

*was purchased as a baity custom doll


Work Done:
+Face modified with carving, adding resin and carving some more to give a more boyish appearance. Ears Removed. Eyeballs sanded and glossed.

+Hand-casted resin magnetic ears, original sculpt by me. The style of these ones are "natural".

+Face-up, eyelids done using high quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Back-plate signed. Sealed w/ MSC uv-cut matte, uv-cut gloss finish.
+4 new sets of eyechips (1 Brainworm classic style, 2 KRSDoll, 1 Puppelina glass eyechips)
+Gaze altered
+New brown eyelashes
+New beaded pull strings and charms, with sleepy eyes.
+Licca boyfriend (Ren-kun) body  


+Handmade wig using natural black-brown alpaca. 
Wig cap is made with a strong, flexible, water-resistant glue- it can be styled with a small amount of water. It is attached to the doll with water-soluble glue in case it needs to be removed- although not intended to be removed. Glue residue can be gently washed off with a bit of diluted dish-soap and water (in the event of wig removal)

It is over the original scalp with the hair removed.


Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not buy expecting a 100% perfect item. (there is a small white spot on the eyeball in the pictures that I was able to remove, so please do not worry about it :) I will update with a new picture as soon as I can)
+Some additional flaws due to the previous work done- sloppy scalp removal (covered by wig) eyehole was enlarged and a small gap shows between the eyelid and eye hole when the eyes are closed, the bottom "eyelid" of the eyemech was cut off (this is not necessarily a flaw, but something I wouldn't do).
+I have processed the photos to look as accurate to real life as I could on my laptop, which is supposed to be color accurate. Photos were taken in natural daylight. Photos may show differently based on monitor settings on different devices- such as being too saturated on a smart phone.
+He comes with outfit shown- sweater and overalls.


From a non-smoking, pet-friendly home.


Free US Priority Shipping

Express International Shipping +$55 

-Lowest I will mark is $200


  • When paying, make sure it is by Paypal balance, credit card, or instant bank transfer- **no e-check!!**

  • Due to the virus there may be delays in shipping, I usually ship within 2-3 days.

    If you would like, I can also hold onto him and delay shipping for an extended time.


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