Base Doll: Unknown SBL (standard color skin)
Work Done:
+Extensive carving of the facial features. The inside of the mouth area was built up with Epoxy putty, due to the shape and thinness of the SBL mould. Original ears removed.

+Sculpted teeth and tongue added

+Hand-casted resin magnetic ears, original sculpt by me, the style of these ones are "Round". 3 pairs of piercings, with 1 pair removable.
+ Face-up done using high quality artist pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. +Back-plate signed. Sealed with layers of MSC UV-cut matte, with UV-cut gloss finish

+Eyeballs have been painted and glossed (the plastic was overly yellow)

+4 new sets of eyechips (3 sets Puppelina, 1 KRSDoll)
+Gaze altered
+Brown eyelashes
+New beaded pull strings and charms (sleep eyes)
+Licca body (probably a fake body? not sure).


+Handmade wig using natural blonde alpaca. 

Made with a strong, flexible, water-resistant glue- it can be styled with water, and gently and carefully washed in lukewarm water if needed, although spot-cleaning would be ideal. It is attached to the doll with water-soluble glue in case it needs to be removed- although not intended to be removed. Glue residue can be gently washed off with a bit of diluted dish-soap and water (in the event of wig removal). It is over a bald original SBL scalp.
Flaws and Notes:
+General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not buy expecting a 100% perfect item. 
She was purchased as a "baity" doll - a doll poorly customised and in rough shape, I have done my best to resolve all the issues and give her a total makeover. Some issues to note due to her previous customization: +small pry marks (see pictures), +scalp was cut off and it wasn't a neat job (covered by wig), +lower part of eyemech was cut off (not necessarily a flaw, but I never cut that part off), +slightly over-boggled (but with the sleep eyes, the position of the eyelid can be however you want)
+I have processed the photos to look as accurate to real life as I could on my laptop, which is supposed to be color accurate. Photos may show differently of different devices- such as being too saturated on a smart phone. 
+She will come with the outfit shown in the pictures. 
Shipping: Domestic: Priority, tracked and insured for $500. Free Shipping
International: Express, tracked and insured for marked value. Lowest I will write is $200. The shipping cost is $55 
Contact me if you have a special shipping request.
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